Advanced Certificate in Political Thought

The Advanced Certificate in Political Thought engages in the comparative study of political thought from a variety of perspectives, both within and outside the Western canon. Special attention is given to the historicity of diverse political traditions but also to recurring themes and questions. Learning to recognize political thought, both past and present, as being time- and place-specific equips students, regardless of their major field of study, with additional analytical and methodological skills grounded in the appreciation of the contextual and intertextual aspects of diverse intellectual traditions. Beyond contextualization the students learn about comparative methods, addressing topics of political thought from intercultural and diachronic perspectives.

Further, the program aims to provide a specific professional framework for the participating students and faculty, by linking the program to transnational networks, generating faculty interaction, research and co-teaching.

Students participating in this program will receive an Advanced Certificate in Political Thought in addition to their MA degrees.

According to their specific interests and career plans, interested students apply to one of the participating departments. In their applications prospective students should indicate their interest in the specialization. All applications are accepted through the on-line system

Students can also join the program at a later point, after being accepted to one of the participating departments. They may express their interest by writing to the coordinator of the specialization at the beginning of the academic year.

For further information please write to coordinator Ráhel Katalin Turai (