The commemoration of the great war in East-Central Europe, 1918-1939

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Friday, March 23, 2007 - 2:00pm
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Friday, March 23, 2007 - 2:00pm to Sunday, March 25, 2007 - 2:00pm


Friday 23 March

14.00:  Registration

15.00:  Welcome

15.10:  Keynote lecture
Keith Jeffery (Belfast): ‘Empires, Nations and War Memory in the Twentieth Century'

16.00:  Break

16.30: Panel 1: The Role of War Remembrance

Robert Gerwarth (Oxford): Memories of Defeat and Paramilitary Violence in East- Central Europe

Razvan Paraianu (Budapest): The General, the Poet and the Great War: The Romanian People’s Party and the struggle for the Soulful Union of the Country

Yuri Bassilov (St Petersburg): Memories of the World War in Soviet Russia

19.00:  Dinner


Saturday 24 March

9.00:  Panel 2: Commemorative Interpretations in Successor States

Dagmar Hájková (Prague) and Nancy Wingfield (Northern Illinois): Czech(-oslovak) Commemoration of the Great War: the Battle of White Mountain Avenged, 1918-1938

Catherine Edgecombe (Southampton): For Austria, for the Fatherland: The Commemoration  of the Great War in Austria 1918-1934

Nikolai Vukov (Sofia): The Memory of the Dead and the Dynamics of Forgetting: ‘Post-Mortem Interpretations of World War I in Bulgaria

10.45: Break

11.00: Panel 3: The Unknown Soldier

Aleksandar Ignjatovic (Belgrade): The Monument of the Unknown Yugoslav Hero: from Constructing Memory to Inventing National Tradition

Silviu Hariton (Budapest): Commemorations in Inter-War Romania: The Case of the Unknown Soldier

Borut Klabjan (Koper): The Slovenes of Italy and the Celebration of the Italian Unknown Soldier

13.00: Lunch

14.00: Panel 4: Memorials and Graves

Eva Fisli (Budapest-Paris): Pilgrims and Battlefields: The Treatment of War Graves in Interwar Hungary

Bernhard Böttcher (Jena): German War Memorials in Slovakia and Romania

Mark Cornwall (Southampton): War Memorialization in the Sudetenland

15.30: Break

16.00: Panel 5: Veterans and Youth

Franz Horvath (Southampton): Hungarian Youth from Transylvania and their War Memory

Petra Svoljsak (Ljubljana): The Operation of the League of Combatants of War in Slovenia

Paul Newman (Southampton): ‘Liberation and Unification: The Decennial Anniversary of the Battle of Dobruja’

19.30: Conference dinner


Sunday 25 March

9.00: Panel 6: Outsiders

Alexey Timofeev (Belgrade): The Burden of Memory: The Case of Russian Emigration in Yugoslavia 

Tim Grady (Southampton): Overlapping Remembrance: Jews, Non-Jews and the Local Memorialization of the German War Dead, 1914-1923
Markus Bauer (Portsmouth): Suppressed Memories: Bucovina Jews after the First World War

10.45: Break

11.00: Panel 7: Diversity in Commemoration

Melissa Bokovoy (New Mexico): The Image-Makers: Photographic Albums and Cinematic Images of the Wars of National Liberation 1912-1918 in Serbia

Petr Roubal (Budapest-Prague): The Tomb of the Too Well Known Soldier: The National Memorial on Prague’s Vitkov Hill
Daniel Glishev (Sofia): Commemorating the Great War in the ‘Western Ranges’ of Bulgaria

12.30: Concluding assessment: John Horne (Dublin)

13.00:  Close