Europe and the World

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Nador u. 11
Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 6:00pm
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Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 6:00pm to Saturday, June 22, 2013 - 4:00pm


June 20

18.45 Welcome

19.00 Keynote: DIANA MISHKOVA Old Regionalisms and New Transnationalisms (A View from the Balkans)
Chair: Nadia al-Bagdadi

20.00 Welcome Reception

June 21 Morning

Chair: Harold James 

9.00 -13.30 Panel A, Transfers and Contact Zones

  • Zsófia Lóránd (CEU) Translation as Disguise of Dissent: Second Wave Guest Texts in the New Yugoslav Feminist Discourse in the 1970s
    CommentLaura Downs
  • Adrian Young (Princeton) Pitcairn Islanders, Social Scientists, and the making of a ‘Contact Zone’ in the South Pacific
    CommentJorge Flores
  • Katalin Stráner (CEU) Evolutionary Encounter in Exile: The Fire-Worshipping Wise Man and the Remains of Ancient Worlds (1858)
    CommentJakob Vogel

 11.00–11.30 Coffee break

  • Mingzhe Zhu (Sciences Po): Paris of the Orient. The Reception and the Interpretation of French Legal Thought in China (1900-1930) 
    Comment: Jorge Flores
  • Victor Louzon (Sciences Po): The 228 in Taiwan - a French Colonial Paradigm for Chinese Political Violence? 
    CommentElissa Maïlander
  • Nina Valbousquet (Sciences Po): Hating the Jew Here and There: the Connective Tissues of Catholic Antisemitic Networks in Interwar Europe (1917–1940) 
    CommentDiana Mishkova

13.30–14.30 Lunch break

June 21 Afternoon

Chair: Elissa Maïlander

14.30-19.00 Panel B, Global economy

  • Dan Cîrjan (CEU) Managing Dependency, Managing the Crisis: Europe and Interwar Romania through the Eyes of Financial Institutions 
    CommentHarold James
  • Wiktor Marzec (CEU), Agata Zysiak (University of Łódź) Orientalizing Capitalism in the Late 19th Century Polish Modernization Debates 
    CommentHarold James
  • Radhika Kanchana (Sciences Po), Legacy of the Erstwhile Guest Worker Policies of Europe/are the Indians Today in the Arab-Gulf Countries, what the Turks Were in the Gastarbeiter-Germany? 
    CommentNadia al-Bagdadi

16.30–17.00 Coffee break

  • Jesus Bohorquez (EUI), The Centrality of European Peripheries: the Entangled Economic Policies of the Atlantic Empires at the End of the 18th Century 
    CommentJakob Vogel
  • Robrecht Declercq (EUI), Between the East and the Empire: The Case of the German Fur Industry between 1900-1933 
    CommentHarold James
  • Alejandro Garcia Montan (EUI), Genoa and the Genoese in the Making of the Atlantic world (15th–17th Centuries) 
    CommentKaroline Postel Vinay

June 22

Chair: Laura Downs

10.00 –15.00 Panel C, Transnational networks and phenomena

  • Giorgio Poti (EUI), Discourses of Empire and Self-Determination in the International Public Sphere: The Egyptian and Syrian Revolutions and their International Resonance (1919-1926) 
    CommentNadia al-Bagdadi
  • Simina Bădică (CEU) Museums without Borders: Translating Museums across Socialist Borders and Regime Changes 
    CommentElissa Maïlander
  • Chong Xu (Sciences Po): The Great War in Shanghai: the Supervisory Controls over the German in the French Concession at the End of the Great War 
    CommentKaroline Postel Vinay

12.00–13.00 Lunch break

  • Emily Riley (Princeton), "The UNRRA and the Emerging Logic of Foreign Economic Aid, 1944-1949" 
    CommentFederico Romero
  • Laura Almagor (EUI), Saving a Jewish Europe in the World: Jewish Territorialism (1905-1950) 
    CommentElissa Maïlander
  • Iwa Nawrocki (Princeton), When Second and Third Worlds Meet: Transnationalizing Brazilian and Polish Catholic Models of Political Opposition, 1978–1989 
    CommentBalázs Trencsényi