Summer University

The summer schools are held in the framework of CEU's Summer University (SUN).

January - February 2021

Postgraduate course “Cultures of Dissent in Eastern Europe (1945-1989): Research Approaches in the Digital Humanities” (online)

6 July - 15 July 2020
Postgraduate summer course on "Industrial Heritage as a source of social empowerment and economic revitalization"
In co-operation with the Open Society University Network, the Metropolitan Research InstituteHungary, the Visegrad Fund and Open Heritage.
Course Directors: Volodymyr Kulikov, Dóra Mérai and József Laszlovszky

29 June - 4 July, 2015
Cities and Science: Urban History and the History of Science in the Study of Early Modern and Modern Europe
Supported by Pasts, Inc. Center for Historical Studies and the journal Urban History
Course Directors: Markian Prokopovych, University of Birmingham and Katalin Straner, Central European University, History Department, Budapest

July 20-31, 2009
Space, Science and Claims to European Domination. The Dynamics of Knowledge from the Renaissance through the Enlightenment
Course Directors: Laszlo Kontler, Central European University, History Department, Budapest, Hungary; Antonella Romano, European University Institute, Department of History and Civilization, Florence, Italy

July 5-16, 2004
Cosmologies of History: The Symbolic Organization of Time

Course Directors: Sorin Antohi, Tyrus Miller, Associate Professor of Literature (University of California at Santa Cruz) and Director (University of California Study Center, Budapest, Hungary)

July 5-16, 2004
Reconsidering Islamic Reformism. Comparative and Historical Perspectives
Course Directors: Aziz Al-Azmeh, Central European University, History Department, Budapest, Nadia Al-Bagdadi, Central European University, History Department, Budapest

July 8-19, 2002
Global Mappings: Symbolic Geographies Revisited
Course Directors: Sorin Antohi, Larry Wolff (Boston College)

July 9-20, 2001
History and Memory: The Twentieth Century in Retrospect
Course Directors: Sorin Antohi, Jörn Rüsen (Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut, Essen)

July 26-August 6, 1999
The State of the Art in Historical Studies: Putting Theories into Practices
Course Directors: Jörn Rüsen (Kulturwissenschaftliches-Institut, Essen), Sorin Antohi