Call for Manuscripts

Central and Eastern Europe
Regional Perspectives in Global Context

Published by Leiden, Brill
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BRILL is actively soliciting manuscripts and proposals for its new series

Why Publish with Brill? 

  • Experience: 325 years of experience in academic publishing
  • Reputation: high-standing reputation within the academic community
  • Speed: fast assessment and production cycles
  • Support: personal attention, guidance and technical support throughout
  • the publishing process and the post-publication stage
  • Product: high quality book and journal production
  • Worldwide marketing and distribution: your work on all continents
  • Partnerships: with the Google Book Partner Program , Google Book Search platform and Amazon’s Search Inside the Book.

 How to Submit?

Proposals may be submitted to the Series Editors ( or to Ivo Romein ( and should include your name and affi liation, a tentative title, a brief description of the contents, and its aim and scope. For more information, please check the Author Resource Center at