AY 2017/2018

AY 2017/2018 COURSES

In AY 2017/18 the students of ACPT will meet the requirements of the mandatory course by attending
- a series of two lectures and two reading classes by Michael A. Gillespie (Duke University) between 15 and 23 May 2018, 
- a workshop on non-European political thought (in May 2018), and
- one of the mandatory elective courses from the list below.


  • György Geréby
    Late Antique and Medieval Political Theology (2 credits, Fall)
  • Francisca de Haan
    Communism and Gender: Historical and Global Perspectives (2 credits, Winter)
  • Andres Moles
    Introduction to Political Theory: Justice and Equality (4 credits, Fall)
  • Anatoly Reshetnikov
    Key Concepts in Russian Foreign Policy (4 credits, Fall)
  • Matthias Riedl
    Religious and Political Thought in the Reformation (4 credits, Fall)
  • Sarah Smith
    Gender, Peace and Conflict (4 credits, Winter)
  • Balázs Trencsényi
    Political Modernities and Nation-Building in Central and Southeast Europe: Texts and Contexts (4 credits, Winter)


  • Aziz Al-Azmeh
    The Caliphates (2 credits, Fall)
  • Alexander Astrov
    Making Everything Great Again: International Relations Theory(4 credits, Fall)
  • András Bozóki
    Elitism and Its Critics (2 credits, Fall)
  • Selin Çağatay
    Feminist Activism, NGOization and the Global Gender Equality Regime: Transnational and Regional Perspectives (2 credits, Fall)
  • Katalin Farkas
    Introduction to the Philosophy of Law (2 credits, Winter)
  • Nadia Jones-Gailani
    Gender and Migration: Modernity and the Political Subject (4 credits, Fall)
  • Nadia Jones-Gailani
    Postcolonialism and feminism(s) (4 credits, Winter)
  • György Geréby, István Perczel
    Great Themes of Late Antique, Byzantine and Medieval Philosophy (4 credits, Fall)
  • Philip Goff
    Liberty, Globalisation, and Tax Justice (2 credits, Winter)
  • Adrian Grama
    Labor History: Global Trajectories, East European and Eurasian Dynamics (2 credits, Fall)
  • Elissa Helms
    Gender and Nationalism (4 credits, Fall)
  • Andrea Krizsán, Mathias Möschel
    The Law and Politics of Combatting Violence Against Women (2 credits, Winter)
  • Zoltán Miklósi
    Foundations of Political Philosophy (2 credits, Fall)
  • Michael Merlingen
    Concepts and Theories for Understanding World Politics (4 credits, Fall)
  • Attila Mraz
    The Rule of the (In)competent: Democracy, Expertise and Competence in Political Theory (2 credits, Fall)
  • Hadley Z. Renkin
    Re-imagining Social Movements (4 credits, Winter)
  • Sarah Smith
    Gender, Extremism and Political Violence (2 credits, Fall)
  • Sarah Smith
    Gendered Inequalities: Development and Globalisation (4 credits, Fall)
  • Sarah Smith
    Critical Policy Studies (2 credits, Fall)
  • Mate Nikola Tokic
    The Other in European History and Politics (4 credits, Fall)
  • Balázs Trencsényi, Daniel Ziemann
    Ethnogenesis and Nation-Building (2 credits, Fall)
  • Daniel Ziemann
    The Holy Roman Empire (2 credits, Winter)