AY 2016/2017


  • Matthias Riedl
    Religion and Political Thought: Europe 1200-1700 (lecture) (2 creditsFall)


  • Aziz Al-Azmeh
    Religion and State (2 credits; Fall)
  • Alexander Astrov, Jens Bartelson, Iver Neumann, and Erik Ringmar
    Global Stage and Its Subjects: International Theory Meets Intellectual History (4-creditsFall)
  • Indre Balcaite
    Asian Political Thought (2 credits; Winter)
  • András Bozóki and Zsolt Czigányik
    Anarchy and Utopia (4 creditsFall)
  • Cziganyik Zsolt
    Political Visions in Literature (2 creditsWinter)
  • Eva Fodor or Sara Meger (two groups)
    Foundations in Gender Studies I: Histories, Theories, Futures (2 creditsFall)
  • Nadia Jones-Gailani
    Islamic Feminism in Historical Perspective (2 creditsFall)
  • Nadia Jones-Gailani
    Gender and Political Radicalism in Islam (4 creditsWinter)
  • Philip Goff
    Tax and Social Justice (2 creditsWinter)
  • Francisca de Haan
    Communism and Gender: Global and Historical Perspectives (4 creditsWinter)
  • Karl Hall
    Intellectuals and World War I (4 creditsFall)
  • Elissa Helms
    Gender and Nationalism (2 creditsWinter)
  • Constantin Iordachi
    Totalitarianism and Mass Politics in East-Central Europe: Comparative Perspectives on Fascism and Communism (4 creditsFall)
  • Maria Kronfeldner
    Topics in the Philosophy of the Human and Social Sciences (2 creditsWinter)
  • Sanjay Kumar
    Re-imagining Pasts: Post-colonialism and Nationalism in South Asia (1945-2015) (2 credits; Winter)
  • Emese Lafferton
    Race and Science (4 creditsFall)
  • Sara Meger
    Gender, Peace and Security (4 creditsWinter)
  • Andres Moles
    War (2 creditsFall)
  • Hadley Z. Renkin
    Re-imagining Social Movements: Activism, Resistance, and Cultural Change
    (4 credits, Fall)
  • Matthias Riedl
    Religion and Political Thought: Europe 1200-1700 (source reading seminar) (2 creditsFall)
  • Ostap Sereda
    Intelligentsia and Peasantry in Modern East European History: Social Processes and Cultural Constructions (19th-20th Centuries) (4 creditsWinter)
  • Balazs Trencsenyi
    Political Modernities and Nation-Building in Central and Southeast Europe (4 creditsFall)
  • Balazs Trencsenyi
    The Political Languages of Anti-Modernism (4 creditsWinter)
  • Gina White
    Examining the Theatocracy: Drama and Politics in the Ancient World (2 creditsWinter)