AY 2020/21

AY 2020/2021 COURSES


  • Matthias Riedl
    Discourses of Order I: Introduction to Premodern Political Thought  (2 credits, Fall)
    on e-learning

  • Matthias Riedl
    Discourses of Order II: Introduction to Modern Political Thought  (2 credits, Winter)
    on e-learning


Fall, 2020

  • Karl Hall
    Science and the Nation (2 credits)

  • László Kontler - Emese Lafferton
    Inclusion and Exclusion: Perspectives on Humanity and Race in Modern European History of Ideas and Science (2 credits)

  • Balázs Trencsényi
    Discourses of Crisis: Texts and Contexts (2 credits)

  • Christopher David LaRoche
    Who Rules the World? International Order(s) in Theory and Practice (4 credits)

  • Erzsébet Strausz
    Knowing, Narrating, (re)Writing International Relations (4 credits)

  • Béla Greskovits
    Worldly Philosophers of Capitalism, Development, and Democracy: Classic Debates (4 credits)

  • Daniel Bochsler
    Nationalism and Democracy (4 credits)

  • András Bozóki
    Political Ideologies (4 credits)

  • András Bozóki
    Analyzing Democracy (2 credits)

  • Zoltán Miklósi
    Foundations of Political Philosophy (2 credits)

  • Andres Moles
    Introduction to Political Theory: Justice and Equality (4 credits)

  • Francisca de Haan
    Women's and Gender History: An Introduction to Theory, Methodology and Archives (2 credits)

  • Nadia Jones-Gailani
    Postcolonialism and Feminism(s) (4 credits)

  • Andrea Pető
    Gendering Comparative Genocide and Holocaust Studies (2 credits)

  • Elissa Helms, Hannah Loney
    Gender and Nationalism (4 credits)

  • Hadley Z. Renkin
    Reimagining Social Movements (2 credits)

  • Andrea Pető
    Oral History (2 credits)

  • Maria Kronfeldner - Ferenc Huoranszki
    Essentialism Regarding Natural and Social Kinds (2 credits)

  • Andres Moles
    War (2 credits)

  • Simon Rippon
    Ethics, Politics, and Policy (2 credits)

  • Anca Gheauș
    Childrearing in political philosophy  (4 credits)

  • Hannah Loney
    Gender, Memory and Nationalism (2 credits)

Winter, 2021

  • Edit András
    The Artist as an Agent of History: From Symbolic Politics to Visual Activism (4 credits)

  • Maciej Janowski
    The Marriage of Convenience: The Catholic Church and “Multiple” Modernities (4 credits)

  • Ulrich Meurer
    Images: Knowledge, History, Politics (2 credits)

  • Karl Hall
    Materialism, Atheism, and the Godless Militant (2 credits)

  • Sam Hall
    Shakespeare and Political Philosophy

  • Aziz al-Azmeh
    Modern History of the Middle East: Imperial and Post-Imperial Formations

  • Francisca de Haan
    Communism and Gender: Historical and Global Perspectives (4 credits)

  • Jasmina Lukić
    Narrating Worlds (4 credits)

  • Christopher David LaRoche
    The Human Place in World Politics: Psychology, Leadership, Emotion and the 'First Image' (4 credits)

  • Zoltán Miklósi
    Introduction to Contemporary Political Philosophy (4 credits)

  • Howard Robinson
    Current Issues in the Philosophy of Mind (2 credits)

  • Howard Robinson
    Philosophy of Religion: The Existence and Nature of God (2 credits)

  • Ferenc Huoranszki
    Practical Rationality and the Self (2 credits)

  • Gisela Miró
    Decolonising Development (4 credits)

  • Nadia Jones-Galiani
    Decolonising Gender Studies (2 credits)

  • Andrew Arató
    Populism, Civil Society, and Constitutionalism (2 credits)

Spring, 2021

  • Maria Kronfeldner
    Science and Society: Advanced Issues (4 credits)