AY 2018/2019

AY 2018/2019 COURSES

Please see the attachment at the bottom of the page for short course decriptions, compiled. 



Fall, 2018

Winter, 2019

  • Edit András
    The Artist as an Agent of History. From Symbolic Politics to Visual Activism (4 credits, Winter)
  • András Bozóki and Zsolt Czigányik
    Individuals in the Microcosm of Power: Literary Texts and Politics (Winter)
  • Thomas Fetzer
    Dark Legacies: Coming to terms with Europe’s twentieth century (4 credits, Winter)
  • Francisca de Haan
    Women and the UN (4 credits, Winter)
  • Éva Fodor
    Gender, Labor Markets, Neoliberalism (4 credits, Winter)
  • Nadia Jones-Gailani
    Postcolonialism and feminism(s)  (4 credits, Winter)
  • János Kis
    Theory of Justice part II. (4 credits, only if completed both Fall and Winter)
  • László Kontler
    Governance and Improvement. State, Society and Legitimacy from the Renaissance through the Enlightenment (2 credits, Winter)
  • László Kontler and Marcell Sebők
    Inventing Humanity. History, Anthropology, Politics, Representation (16th-19th Centuries) (2 credits, Winter)
  • Matthias Riedl
    Intensive reading seminar: Machiavelli’s “Discourses” (2 credits, Winter)
  • Sarah Smith
    Transnational Feminisms (4 credits, Winter)
  • Sarah Smith
    Critical Policy Studies (2 credits, Winter)
  • Mate Nikola Tokic
    Foundations of the Contemporary International System, 1815 – 1920 (4 credits, Winter)