Call for Reviews

Call for Reviews

Reviews of recent books on the history of East Central Europe are being published in the journal EAST CENTRAL EUROPE (ECE). Although publications on this region written in Western languages are also eligible, our primary goal is to provide reviews on important books published recently in the local languages.

This archived database is a comprehensive site that provides reviews written between 2006 and 2012 for ECE. Our aim was to map the historiography of the countries of East Central Europe from the 1990s on, and make it available to the wider interested public via free access. It is searchable by a variety of categories such as language of publication, subfield of history, topic, period and region.

Reviews continue to be welcome to the printed and online issues of ECE in English.

The types of reviews are the following:

  • Book reviews - Reviews of 1000-1500 words that provide description of the contents as well as a critique.
  • Review essays - Longer reviews of several books on a given topic, conceived as several linked book reviews. (The review essays are to appear in the printed journal. Intellectual authorities are commissioned by the editors who are requested to write on topics that ECE's thematic journal issues address.)
  • Anachronistic Review - Longer reviews (2000-2500 words) of older books whose historiographical significance has been previously overlooked.

ECE is ready to acquire free review copies for its reviewers, either centrally through Budapest in case of Western publications, or through the local heads of the project in the case of publications from one of the countries of our region. We are interested in review proposals and information regarding forthcoming and/or recently published scholarly work in the fields of history, sociology, political science and philosophy, anthropology, and art history for the East Central European region.

For questions concerning reviews, email Emily R. Gioielli, Editor of Reviews and Special Features via