Volume 46, 2019/2-3

Table of Contents:

Thematic Issue


NED RICHARDSON-LITTLE, JAMES MARK, HELLA DIETZ, New Perspectives on Socialism and Human Rights in East Central Europe since 1945: Introduction to the Thematic Issue

ANNA DELIUS, Universal Rights or Everyday Necessities?

TODOR HRISTOV, Rights to Weapons: Rights as Resource in Workplace Conflicts in Late Socialist Bulgaria

MICHAL KOPECEK, The Socialist Conception of Human Rights and Its Dissident Critique

SEBASTIAN GEHRIG, JAMES MARK, PAUL BETTS, KIM CHRISTIAENS AND IDESBALD GODDEERIS, The Eastern Block, Human Rights, and the Global Fight Against Apartheid

NED RICHARDSON-LITTLE, The Failure of the Socialist Declaration of Human Rights

ERIKA SZÍVÓS, The Ill-Fitting Wheel, or Why Every Vision Has Its Fallacies 


MARCO ANTONIO GUZMAN, The Primacy of Economic Power: State-Led Privatization and the Dissolution of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic, 1990-1992