Volume 48, 2021/1

  • Nicasius Ellebodius and the “otium litterarum”: The Vicissitudes of a Flemish Humanist in Pozsony (1571–77)
    Áron Orbán
  • Portrait Series of Polish, Bohemian, and Hungarian Rulers in the Nineteenth Century An Interpretation
    Karolina Mroziewicz
  • From Hitler’s Disciple to Wartime Refugee: Donauschwaben World War ii Childhoods and the Crossroads of Historical Agency
    Caroline Mezger
  • The Informal Use of Time as a Component of Multicultural Regional Identity in Transcarpathia (Ukraine)
    Csilla Fedinec and István Csernicskó
  • The Creation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in Montenegro’s Memory: Shaping National Identity
    Agata Domachowska


  • Curtain of Lies: The Battle over Truth in Stalinist Eastern Europe by Melissa Feinberg
    Klára Pinerová
  • Great Expectations and Interwar Realities: Hungarian Cultural Diplomacy by Zsolt Nagy
    Andrew Behrendt
  • Gender, Generations, and Communism in Central and Eastern Europe and Beyond, eds Anna Artwińska and Agnieszka Mrozik
    Ivana Mihaela Žimbrek
  • Beyond Boycotts: Sport during the Cold War in Europe by Philippe Vonnard, Nicola Sbetti, and Grégory Quin
    Johanna Mellis