Winter 2016

AY 2015/2016


  • András Bozóki
    "Analyzing Democracy" (2 credits)
  • Zsolt Czigányik
    "Utopian and Political Literature" (2 credits)
  • Nenad Dimitrijevic
    "Constitutionalism and Democracy" (4 credits)
  • Philip Goff
    "Tax and Social Justice" (2 credits)
  • János Kis
    “Theory of Justice II” (2 credits)
  • László Kontler and Marcell Sebők
    "Inventing Humanity. History, Anthropology, Politics, Representation
    (16th-19th centuries)"
     (2 credits)
  • Andres Moles
    “Modern Political Thought” (2 credits)
  • Hadley Z. Renkin
    "Re-imagining Social Movements: Activism, Resistance, and Cultural Change"
    (4 credits)
  • Balázs Trencsényi
    "The Political Languages of Anti-Modernism" (4 Credits)
  • Daniel Ziemann
    “The Formation of Political and Ecclesiastical theory: From Cicero to Erasmus”
    (4 credits)