Winter 2017

AY 2016/2017


  • Indre Balcaite
    Asian Political Thought (2 credits)
  • Cziganyik Zsolt
    Political Visions in Literature (2 credits)
  • Nadia Jones-GailaniGender and Political
    Gender and Political Radicalism in Islam (
    4 credits)
  • Philip Goff
    Tax and Social Justice (2 credits)
  • Francisca de Haan
    Communism and Gender: Global and Historical Perspectives (4 credits)
  • Elissa Helms
    Gender and Nationalism (2 credits)
  • Maria Kronfeldner
    Topics in the Philosophy of the Human and Social Sciences (2 credits)
  • Sanjay Kumar
    Re-imagining Pasts: Post-colonialism and Nationalism in South Asia (1945-2015) (2 credits)
  • Sara Meger
    Gender, Peace and Security (4 credits)
  • Ostap Sereda
    Intelligentsia and Peasantry in Modern East European History: Social Processes and Cultural Constructions (19th-20th Centuries) (4 credits)
  • Balazs Trencsenyi
    The Political Languages of Anti-Modernism (4 credits)
  • Gina White
    Examining the Theatocracy: Drama and Politics in the Ancient World (2 credits)